How Mindfulness Helps Stress – 4 Ways To Do It

How Mindfulness Helps Stress – 4 Ways to Do It

How mindfulness helps stress and 4 ways to practice it. I discuss how mindfulness helps the brain and how to practice mindfulness meditation in everyday life. What is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness is simply paying attention to your environment, activities, and thoughts in a neutral and non-judgmental way. So you’re limiting your thoughts to your present situation. if other thoughts intrude on the process, you bring your attention back to the present.

Practicing mindfulness helps declutter your mind. When your mind gets cluttered, you feel stressed. This can come in the form of feeling tense, tired, overwhelmed, and irritable.

Not only does an overloaded mind affect you negatively, but it can also affect your relationships with the people most important to you. If your mind is overloaded, you can become emotionally unavailable or not fully engaged with people around you.
How do you remedy this problem when you have a busy life that you can’t change? You live each moment mindfully.
Here are four steps to start practicing mindfulness

1. Be aware. This means to be aware of everything in your environment, as well as everything you’re doing and thinking. Keep your focus on the present moment.

2. Don’t multi-task. Do one task at a time. You’ll actually be more efficient if you complete one thing at a time anyway.

3. Be intentional with mundane tasks. Be focused on the task rather than getting the task over with. So If you’re washing dishes, focus on washing each dish, and keep repeating until all the dishes are washed. If you wash the dishes while thinking about how much you hate washing the dishes, You still get the dishes washed, but if you do it mindfully, you finish with less negativity.

4. Listen when others are talking. Don’t think about your to do list or what you’re going to say next . Listen to every word the person says as if you need to repeat it back to them.

I challenge you to Spend 10 minutes each day in mindful activity. You may want to make it toward the end of the day when your mind is most full. See if it helps you unwind and relax.

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