Self Help Is A Scam? Personal Development Is A Scam? Discussion

Self help is a scam? Personal development is a scam? Discussion

Self help is a fraud? Personal development is a scam?

The self help industry is a very big phenomena right now. There are few misconceptions about what it can actually do for you, and what it cant do.

In essence, most of the self help industry is either surface level knowledge, or ideas that can only be applied by individuals who have self mastery. This is the reason why most people don't get the results that are in those books. Peoples inherit ability to “do” differentiates. This is why one person can benefit from a self help book, while another will not. This is not only about the quality of the book. Its also about the quality of the individual reading.

Most of us assume that if you can simply get the right info on WHAT to do, then you can do it. This, in reality, is false. The quality of effort and work to be done, depends on the individual himself. There are people out there, who have no self control, no knowledge of how their mind and body functions, and they try to do all of these external things. The fact of the matter is, unless you have a certain degree of self control, you can't do much in the external world, and no surface level self help book will help you.

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