PSYCHOLOGY OF MEDITATION | Science of Mindfulness, Yoga & Karma | Untold secrets of the mind (Hindi)

Meditation is a mental exercise that trains attention and awareness. The psychological benefits of meditation are wide-ranging: heightened creativity, decreased stress and anxiety, decreased irritability, improved memory, and even increased happiness and emotional stability. Regular meditation can also help you to be a better problem solver, with a more focused mind, leading to greater overall productivity. In addition, psychologically speaking, meditation can increase awareness, while making self-actualization more probable, help with mood swings, boost confidence, increase self-acceptance & empathy. But there is more to meditation than just its physical and mental aspects because there is also a spiritual side of meditation and people have been using it to attain enlightenment for thousands of years. This is why I try to discuss all three aspects of meditation, its influence on karma, Hindu philosophy, the right techniques to go deep, and how you can practice it for maximum holistic growth.

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