How to inculcate self discipline, Vedic Life Tips

How to inculcate self discipline, Vedic Life Tips
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The answer for women and men will be different. Man will become very powerful if he does austerities. If he forces himself to be disciplined depending on his own strength.
But for a woman it is easy to do things with other people. It might be her friends, her husband, siblings etc. If woman does to much of austerity and forces herself too much her heart will become little harder. But if she does with things together with others then she will get a lot of support and help from them.
You may not be physically close to your friends. You can call 4-5 of your friends and decide on particular goal to achieve. Suppose you decided to wake up early morning before 6 and do meditation for half an hour. So wake up each other by calling each other on the phone. And after meditation inquire from each other how was the meditation and were be able to do it. You can even create a whats app group for yourselves and discuss things there.
For example, with 5-6 girls we wake up at 5 and do meditation together on zoom – online. We have whats app group. We discuss things and if some of us don't wake up we feel shy and try to push ourselves.
Then I am in another group with girls who go to dance. We need to remind each other if we are practicing dance at home.
For different goals you can find like minded friends and do things together. Same thing we do with reading spiritual books. We come online and read.
That is amazing. We – woman get strength when we do things together.

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