5 Minute Guided Meditation For Inner Peace And Calm

5 Minute Guided Meditation for Inner Peace and Calm

Does it sometimes feel like your thoughts are running on a hamster wheel in your mind? Give me a thumbs up if this has happened to you!

This 5 minute guided meditation for inner peace and calm will give you a break from the chaos in your mind by teaching your brain how to relax so you can feel *more* inner peace and calm *more* of the time.

Here's a quick tip, this meditation is not about clearing out the thoughts. It's your mind's function to think, so I promise you, you're not “bad” at meditation. It's also really important that your body is comfortable — otherwise, your mind simply won't relax. So here's permission to lie down on your back, or your side, or sit in a chair or on the floor.

After you practice this 5 minute guided meditation for inner peace and calm, I'd love to hear about your experience. Share with me in the comments!

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I'm Caren Baginski, an 800-hour certified yoga and meditation teacher, as well as yoga therapist in training and the creator of Being Enough. I live with my little dog Willow in Denver, CO, USA.

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