How Exercise Makes You Smarter And A Better Student

How Exercise Makes you Smarter and a Better Student

Everyone knows the health benefits of regular exercise, but it will also help improve your grades. Regular exercise will make you a better student by teaching you to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Any form of regular exercise (meaning not necessarily at elite or competitive levels) will provide you tremendous benefits in studying, discipline, and your studies overall.

If you're having trouble sticking with an exercise routine, try changing your emphasis and reasons for exercise. While weight loss and better health are excellent long term goals, they may not be as motivational and successful in getting you to the gym as short term benefits such as more energy, improved mood, and decreased stress.

Leave a comment below on what your chosen method of exercise is. I love cycling and weight training, but I also occasionally go running or hiking. If you don’t regularly exercise right now, how are you going to incorporate exercise into your life moving forward?

Charles Duhigg Power of Habit:

Here are the three studies I mention in the video:



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