How To Stop Wasting Time

How to Stop Wasting Time

In today's video, I share 5 tips about how to stop wasting time.

NOTE: Hi everyone! I'm a bit behind on responding to comments on my last few videos. Please know I'll get to each and every single one of them as soon as possible. I appreciate you all for being here!

00:00 – Intro
02:04 – Tip #1: Reframe what you “have to do” to what you “get to do”
03:02 – Tip #2: Stay focused on your greater vision
03:52 – Tip #3: Become aware of where you are spending your time
05:05 – Tip #4: Release what is unfulfilling to avoid burnout
06:14 – Tip #5: Set aside time to recharge

👇 Is there something in your life that you're doing that you feel is a big waste of your time and you want to work on changing it? Let me know in the comments below! 👇

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Time is a finite, non-replenishable resource that we are all constrained by. And even time is not guaranteed to anyone.
Learning how we can reduce wasting time is especially important for those who are working towards building something or who feel compelled to actualize some kind of “life's work.” Because each moment we have is precious and every step we are able to take towards our greater vision really counts.

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