Help! Meditation Doesn't Work For Me | Tips & Advice

Help! Meditation Doesn't Work For Me | Tips & Advice

Learning to meditate is easier than you think. Discover how to use meditation every day to keep you healthy, happy and in your flow.

Have you tried meditation but found it boring?

Do you think that meditation is too difficult or that you have to ‘empty your mind’ to successfully meditate?

Are you concerned that you may have to sign up to a religious practice or doctrine in order to meditate?

Or perhaps you simply haven’t got time in your busy day to meditate?

In EPISODE #9 of our Walk the Wu Wei series you’ll learn why none of the above are true!

We also reveal:

~ Taoist teachings on meditation and its benefits for spirit, mind and body

~ Why getting back to basics and learning how to breathe correctly can transform your health

~ How to use meditation to control and rebalance your emotions, and powerfully connect to your ‘Shen’ (spirit / inner-guide)

~ Easy ways to incorporate a short meditation practice into your daily routine so that it works for you

~ How to be fully ‘in the moment’ more of the time.

Ordained Taoist monk and therapist, David James Lees, and life-coach, Alexandra Lees, share their inspirational Wu Wei Wisdom on the real life challenges faced by their clients and community members in their Walk the Wu Wei series.

We welcome your comments and questions about your own life experience and challenges.

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