Can Your Diet Help You “age” Backwards?| Ep49

Can your diet help you “age” backwards?| Ep49

Can your diet help you “age” backwards? | Aging Backwards
I think we can all agree: When you look good, you FEEL good. And while things like updating your hairstyle or getting a spa treatment can certainly “elevate” your look, NOTHING can replace the appearance-boosting benefits of proper nutrition. In fact, the right diet can actually slow the aging process, helping you look better than ever. On this episode, Dr. Steven Gundry MD shares some surprising nutritional advice for gorgeous skin, hair, and nails. These simple tips can make you look YEARS younger, so you’ll want to hear them for yourself.

Mentioned on this episode:

The Longevity Paradox
The Longevity Paradox

Vitamin C for collagen production


Edible sunscreen

The dangers of mainstream sunscreen

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