Live A Designed Life By Setting Goals | Jim Rohn Motivational Speech

Live a Designed Life by Setting Goals | Jim Rohn Motivational Speech

We all have a choice. We can either live a life a mediocrity or a life of greatness, by designing our life. To design your life, you need to set goals. Well defined goals are like magnets and they pull us through all kinds of difficult situations. The better the goals are defined, the stronger will be their pull. Engage in this goal setting process and make it your daily/weekly/monthly habit – Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn met his mentor Earl Shoaff at an age of 25. At age 31, Jim Rohn was a millionaire and one of the major reason behind his success was Goal Setting. This is the reason that in almost every seminar Jim Rohn stressed about designing the life by setting goals. One of the major thing that must be taught in early schooling is How to Set Goals – Jim Rohn

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