5 Minute Tree Meditation For Centering And Grounding

5 Minute Tree Meditation for Centering and Grounding

In this video, Shirley explains how to do a tree meditation, the health benefits of connecting with nature and of using nature to center and ground yourself, and the benefits of green exercise. The Tree Meditation for centering and grounding is a way to enhance your connection with nature and experience the scientific benefits of green exercise. Through meditation and visualization, you can enjoy a virtual nature experience and enjoy natural stress reduction, peace and inner calm.

In this quick 5 minute tree meditation, you will visualize your connection with nature, the qualities that you share with trees and all of nature and you will feel refreshed, more centered and grounded. Meditation and visualization are among the tools that Shirley teaches you how to use to reduce stress, feel happier, boost energy and improve overall feelings of well-being.

New research is showing the power of connecting with nature to improve physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual well-being. Studies show that people who can see trees and grass recover faster in hospitals, perform better in school and show less violent behavior in blight stricken neighborhoods . The power of exposure to nature is receiving increasing scientific attention and is worth using for your own benefits.

Shirley is a health educator who worked at Stanford University School of Medicine for 15 years and she offers insights into research on benefits of Green Exercise. Read her blog post here:

She's passionate about the benefits of connecting with nature and recently became certified as a forest therapy guide by Association of Nature and Forest Therapy.

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The Tree Meditation for Centering and Grounding helps to improve your ability to be more mindful. If you want to learn more about what mindfulness is, watch this video here:

Shirley Archer is a mindfulness and lifestyle coach, a best-selling author of health and fitness books, and an award-winning trainer who helps busy, hard-working people who want to balance career, relationships and self-care, but who can't seem to find the time or the right guidance.

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