Destination Next Level | Overcome Fear | Freddy Fri Motivation

Destination Next Level | Overcome Fear | Freddy Fri Motivation

In this video, I want to push you to overcome your fears to arrive at your next destination, yes I am talking about that next level of success! My name is Freddy Fri and I welcome you to Freddy Fri Motivation!


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This episode is designed to push you to overcome your fear to arrive at your destination of next-level success, stop being scared to succeed, stop being scared to jump.

Think about it Criss Cross said Jump Jump, House of Pain said Jump Around, they all must have known something!

Success is yours for the taking, but you continue to let fear dominate your life, just think about it, what's your goal, what's your life, or even what's your dream… The problem is you don't have one..

That's the bad news, but the good news is that you woke up this morning and you did not wake up to be mediocre, stop settling for mediocre, you were not put on this earth to be mediocre.

I need you to set your internal GPS to the destination of the next level, and whatever your dream is I want you to start your journey of getting there, once you put that destination in your mind you will be given the directions.

You can't let anything stop you, you just gotta keep driving, the road is not going to be easy, your patience will be tested on and on again.

Message me if you need a mental release or need any advise to help you overcome any adversity you are currrently facing!

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Freddy Fri is an Eric Thomas Certified Speaker, who uses the power of Hip Hop, Poetry, Spoken Word, Speech and Storytelling to empower the masses with tools to
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