Do You Trauma Bond Or Do You Have Healthy Relationships? Let's Dig Deep And Create Empowered Change.

Do You Trauma Bond or Do You Have Healthy Relationships? Let's Dig Deep and Create Empowered Change.

In this video Dr. Kate unpacks why we get into traumatic or toxic relations and invites you to take a look at all of the relationships in your life through a critical examination of how they affect you. Do you surround yourself with people who fill you up? Or are you constantly interacting with people who let you down – even hurting you? In this video we’ll go over a simple exercise that will help you accurately answer that question.

Our present day relationships are frequently reflections of the experiences of our past. This is particularly true for those of us who have experienced trauma. In fact, we will frequently unconsciously recreate the traumatic relationships of our past. This is a fundamental part of something called trauma bond – surrounding ourselves with people who play into the patterns of our pain.

It's important to note that these relationships are not just intimate ones – in fact toxic friendships are extremely common and yet rarely spoken about!

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