Episode 7: Tips For Choosing The Best Health And Fitness Coach- #Letsmaketheworldfitter

Episode 7: Tips for choosing the best health and fitness coach- #Letsmaketheworldfitter

Chris Everingham talks about how to choose your next health professional, fitness and nutrition coach – #LetsmaketheWorldFitter

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Chris Everingham lives and breathes health & fitness. International Athlete, National Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Philippine Volcanoes rugby teams, qualified Dietitian / Nutritionist and qualified educator.

Chris combines over 11 years of health & fitness experience together to deliver the best strategies to grow your mindset, rewire your habits and transform your life.

Chris has a live recorded show called The #AskEvro Show where he talks about health, nutrition, exercise, mindset and peak performance strategies to help his viewers and community on their health, fitness and personal life journeys. Feel free to post your questions in the comments section and he'll feature it.


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