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How to Think Faster Under Pressure

High-pressure situations are, unfortunately, absolutely inevitable. Whatever it is that you want, oftentimes, it comes after a high-pressure situation. Whether it's an interview, a networking event, or a date, it's those times where we really would like an outcome that we feel the most pressure. And unfortunately, all too often we go home kicking ourselves saying, “Why did I say that and why didn't I just say that other thing?”

So that's why, in this video, I want to help you think more sharply and more quickly in those high-pressure situations so you don't wind up at home kicking yourself and instead you are celebrating your big win. The first thing is to initially recognize that high-pressure situations caused us to do the exact opposite of what we would if we were going to do things well. And what that means is that when somebody approaches you at work and they're being hypercritical, what is the instinct? It's to shut down and close off. If somebody walks into a room that you really would like to speak to whether it's a mentor or a date, the instinct is to have your heart race, breathe really shallow, then go, “What do I say? What do I say? What do I say?” We need to do the opposite of these things physically.

Dating Framework:…

Charisma Mindset Framework:…

0:32 Change your state by doing the opposite

1:59 Know what to say in any high-pressure situation

3:31 Know your framework

6:57 Summary on how to deal with high pressure situations

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