Real Self Improvement How The 1% Spend Their Time Part 2

Real Self Improvement How the 1% spend their time Part 2

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In this 2 part series we look at 5 ways the 1% spend their time productively compared to normal people.

This second episode covers the habits of mastering the principles, cultivating worldly wisdom and learning mental models.

Mastering the principles is the idea that you should focus on the big ideas, the basics, the fundamentals, so that you have a foundation from which to grow your knowledge. There is a big difference between knowing and understanding and understanding comes from having built your knowledge like a building, with the most important ideas forming the foundtion.

Worldly wisdom is what Charlie Munger refers to, it's basically common sense that is not at all common. Ideas like recognizing that reality is multi faceted and therefore your knowledge must be also is a concept under this category.

Mental models are ideas or concepts that we use to think and act in the world. Learning the most important ideas from each discipline will greatly improve the quality and completeness of the mental models you have in your head.

This first episode covers contemplative routines and the power of comounding. Contemplative routines are a cornerstone of self improvement or self development. They help with critical thinking and decision making by forcing us to think about our problems and really understand and focus on our priorities.

Einstein called compounding the 8th wonder of the world, and Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett talk about its virtue as well. If you want to learn how to become rich compounding money and knowledge is a good place to start.

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