6 Negative Stories You Tell Yourself And How To Change Them

6 Negative Stories You Tell Yourself And How To Change Them

This video talks about negative emotional programming, what it looks like and does to your thinking. Watch this video https://youtu.be/8EhzjQ0HxI8 for more on negative relationship patterns

Your early life experiences with your parents, siblings and other people in your life leave an imprint on you that carries over into your adult life. No one’s life is perfect because we are all imperfect people and make mistakes. We say the wrong things, don’t do enough of the right things, etc.
So the imprint that you’re left with is a mixture of positive and negative experiences. If you have enough positive experiences to fill your emotional cup, you can process the negative experiences and compartmentalize them in a way that they don’t dictate every aspect of your adult life. The negative experiences have their place, it’s not like you can’t remember them, but you’re able to shake them off and keep moving.

If the sum total of your experiences were negative or you had some early traumatic experiences that disrupted your normal emotional development, you imprint becomes predominantly negative and affects the way you interact in the present day. So instead of having an emotional cup that’s full most of the time or is easy to refill, you have a hole in the bottom of your cup. You can’t keep it full and often gets depleted.

How does this effect your thoughts and outlook on the world? You develop what’s called maladaptive schema in Dialectical behavior therapy, in this video I refer to is as negative emotional programing. This programming creates distorted stories you tell yourself. These stories keep building and strengthening when your emotional cup gets depleted and you’re working hard to fill it back up.

So here are 6 types of negative stories you can come to believe and let guide your behavior.
Abandonment story

Video Chapters
0:00 Start
0:19 What is Emotional Programming?
2:03 The Abandonment Story
3:24 The Dependence Story
4:30 The Unworthy Story
6:12 The Disconnection Story
7:34 The Mistrust Story
9:18 The Failure Story
11:19 Ways To Break Through The Thinking

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