How To Beat Your Anxiety With Mel Robbins & Gerard Adams | LCLS4 Episode 4

How To Beat Your Anxiety with Mel Robbins & Gerard Adams | LCLS4 Episode 4

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Leaders Create Leaders is a business growth consultancy focused on one single mission: Showing conscious leaders how to create legacy, impact, and freedom through an infinitely scalable client-service business. This company was founded by Gerard Adams, an investor, serial entrepreneur, and heart-centered leader who’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs turn their businesses into full-fledged movements.

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Gerard Adams, also known as The Millennial Mentor™, is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and philanthropist. His mission is to turn entrepreneurs into industry-recognized leaders while showing them how to create true impact and freedom through their business.

Gerard became a self-made multi-millionaire by 24, but lost it all during an economic downturn. However, that didn’t slow him down. He kept going and co-founded an online media publication called Gerard helped grow to a readership of over 80 million visitors per month. And in 2015, he sold the platform to a multi-billion-dollar global corporation for $50,000,000.

Since then, he’s invested in, built, and backed 9 companies and trades that have all made seven figures. He’s lived bi-coastal, owned exotic cars, traveled the world first-class, and made friends with countless influencers. Although the material rewards were great, it inspired him to share what he had learned to help other purpose-driven entrepreneurs create the businesses they needed so they could serve the world on a higher level. This is how Leaders Create Leaders was born.

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