How To Meditate For People Who Suck At It

How To Meditate For People Who Suck At It

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I’m going to show you different ways to meditate. I’ll give you a quick introduction on how I prefer to meditate and we’ll do a little meditation session with it.

You don’t have to sit down to meditate. I prefer to sit but some people would lie down, stand up, or walk. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re committing yourself at that moment to focus on one stimulus and to zero in your attention to the moment. That’s all that matters.

You could be walking down the street, but if you’re focusing on your hand or a certain sound, that is meditation.

The opposite of meditation is being reactive. It’s going along with every thought or stimulus and reacting to it. You’re not aware of your reaction. You’re just being your reaction. It’s similar to when people black out because of anger.

Meditation is about feeling a sensation, observing it, and then acting. In this case you’re feeling the sensation and observing whatever arises in your space of awareness. There is this space called pure consciousness. That is where your whole life occurs.

You might think that what you see outside and what you see inside has separation. The truth is that it doesn’t because everything happens in the space of awareness.

Where you feel your hand happens in the same space whenever you see an object at a distance. There is zero distance between objects. There is no such thing as an object being closer or further away from consciousness.

It’s either in your space of consciousness or it’s not. There is zero distance. Now, there may be a perceived distance, but at the end of the day, it’s in one place no matter how far it is.

Meditation is about allowing everything that occurs to be there. There are things that happen in our lives that we don’t like. Whenever you feel a negative sensation or whenever you judge yourself that you can’t stop thinking, have compassion for your lack of awareness.

When you notice that you can’t focus, ask yourself, ‘What, at this moment, is annoying me?’ ‘What part of me do I want to change?’ ‘What part of me is resisting what’s currently happening?’

Once you notice what part of you is resisting, have compassion for that thought. That thought isn’t trying to be mean to you. It’s not trying to personally attack you. It’s just there.

Your responsibility is not to be mean to it. Your responsibility is to be friendly to it. When you’re noticing that you can’t meditate, just smile at yourself. It is pure acceptance when you have compassion for that part of you.

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