Panic, Positive Thinking, Prayer Or PREPARATION – (Lockdown-Part 3)– Mohit Sardana!

Panic, Positive Thinking, Prayer or PREPARATION – (Lockdown-Part 3)– Mohit Sardana!

What will you live by in this pandemic?

PANIC! It will only create anxiety and harm your health.

POSITIVE THINKING! It is good, but not an antidote to problems. Believing being positive will magically change the circumstances! It won’t.

PRAYER! Normally, this is practiced as an act of requesting Divine for a Wish.

But, this should become a Quality of Being; One should become Prayerful.

PREPARATION! Shouldn’t we start preparing ourselves? It’s time we prepared ourselves and our body to fight against the virus. It needs a massive action which includes sticking to a healthy diet and conducting conscious activities to strengthen immune system. It’s the time to fight and not just ponder.

Pandemic or any Crisis asks for the need to foster our Capabilities.

It is in such times that the Real HEROes are BORN!

Are you PREPARING enough?

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