5 Life Skills never taught by school teachers | Self Improvement & Personality Development Tips

5 Essential Life skills your teacher never taught you in school – Tips for Personal Growth and Self Improvement
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You only start looking for tips on self improvement and personality development once you enter the job market, or find it difficult to answer job interview questions. You start working on your body language as you want to be seen as a confident person. What if these skills were taught to you in school? I am sure by now you would be a very confident personality and instead of building confidence, you would look for ways how to enhance your personality further. Our teachers are our motivation and inspiration and we learn a lot of life skills in our initial young years from them, but they miss to teach us the skills that are required to survive in the Real world. In today's Skillopedia video with Michelle, learn 5 essential life skills that your teacher never taught you in school. She talks about the following tips and triks –
1. How to show Empathy
2. How to resolve conflicts before they start
3. Asking questions to get interesting answers
4. Negotiation skills for a win-win situation
5. Listening skills to learn more
6 ( Bonus tip) The key factors for a good body language. – Verbal & non-verbal communication skills

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