4 Tips For A Great Open-Relationship


Open Relationships are great! But they aren't for the weak or faint of heart. After spending the last 4 years in two very different, very enlightening open-relationships, I feel like I know a thing or two about making them worthwhile no matter how long they last. Inspired by a recent “breakup”, I reflect on the things that work, and the things I should have done.

I am still learning! I am taking my own advice, believe me!


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My goal here is to continue on my journey of acceptance, understanding, and self-love while inspiring others to do the same.

You are a sexual being! Let your freak flag fly! Or maybe you're the plain vanilla type. That's cool too! No matter your preference, you deserve to have your voice heard, to be understood, and to be shame-free.

Sex shouldn't be a taboo subject! I think the healthiest response is to tackle it head-on and try to understand it (both on a personal and external level).

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