Healthy Relationships: How To Have A Healthy Relationship With The Woman/ Man We Are Attracted To

Healthy relationships: how to have a healthy relationship with the woman/ man we are attracted to

How can we have a healthy relationship or even more challenging, keep a healthy relationship with a woman or man we are attracted to?

This video will give you clarity and crystal clear direction from the very root up, so you can enjoy your healthy relationship to the fullest.

On top of that, I will share with you in this video the greatest gift you will receive from your partner, by following the suggested direction.
This video is my answer to Tony, a subscriber to this channel, how asked me to do a video on healthy relationships with the woman we are attracted to.

Welcome to this video, I’m Tom Nuyens from the Alive This channel is designed to give perspective and crystal clear clarity in direaction from a problem-symptom towards the complete liberation from the very root up.If you would want me to make a video about the liberation of a psychological or physical problem you want to be liberated from, let me know in the comment box below.

To know how to have or keep a healthy relationship, we first have to get clarity in what a healthy relationship really is.

Enjoy the video!

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