Online Dating for Women: 3 Powerful Shortcuts out of the Dating Maze (found nowhere else in Mar. 21)

3 PRACTICAL & USABLE shortcuts out of the heartache of the Online Dating Maze! DON'T MISS THE COMPANION GUIDE, so you can FULLY use the 3 shortcuts: See ALL 12 shortcuts, even for LDR's:

Discover 3 little-known, but serious online dating mistakes women over 40 make. This video answers your question: “How do I find the right one for me without serious heartache, wasting so much precious time, and dating burnout?”

Online dating IS a maze unless you discover shortcuts through it, or better still, completely escape the maze!

This video deals with questions like “Should I check for chemistry or compatibility first?”
“I’m not sure when I should compromise on any mismatch and when I shouldn’t”
“Should I let chemistry trump compatibility?”
“How do I avoid the rollercoaster of emotions?”

You’ll learn real ways to quickly test for white or not-so-white lies, or issues being hidden (not just age, or old pictures) …and most importantly, how to test real relationship compatibility, in-depth, very quickly… even before meeting, if a long-distance relationship would be involved!

I’m Andrew Angelan, and after being a dating coach for women for over 20 years, I’m now launching my new YouTube channel and breakthrough training, “The Right One For Me”. It’s a radically different and time-saving way to finding true compatibility in relationships. You have to use ways to show up the “incurable incompatibles” as soon as possible. Some of what I teach can be called “conscious dating” and goes far beyond “online dating tips”.

After watching, you can “jump” to specific parts of the video by clicking on the listed times below…

00:00 Does this describe YOUR situation?

01:02 Having your “head and heart in harmony”. Your lifelong partner is your “emotional home”.

02:26 What ARE your “partner essentials” and why you need to uncover the hidden ones. (Essential qualities to have, and essential to avoid)
Don’t end up “settling” on your partner essentials! When is an essential NOT an essential? (Hint: when it’s actually a strong-ish preference or “important, but not definitely essential”)

04:35 The right one for you will accept your unique imperfections and so-called “issues”.

05:12 Being ruled by your unhelpful and outdated habits & biases. Collectively, I call these your “Toxic Biases” and they make you choose (or swipe) on autopilot…! For example “my type” (and yes “taller than me”) will be a composite of unhelpful and outdated habits and preferences! How can you overcome these toxic biases?
A common toxic bias is “ruling out” men on autopilot who would involve a long-distance relationship. (or who even live in another country)
What if he is very open to moving to be near you, or his “Willing to relocate” answer is out of date?

09:06 “Ignoring” red flags or mismatches with your partner essentials (even if a friend points this out) instead of being extra aware and exploring further. Getting crystal clear on what is essential for you, and everything else which can be ignored to start with… Important but honestly, not essential, preferences, and toxic biases.

11:05 HOW to get honest answers to questions in messages or video calls, which test matching or mis-matching with ALL of your partner essentials.

11:18 Getting to a video call early on, not after weeks of messages.

13:02 Benefits of creating waiting in dating…

14:36 If there is great “one-way” compatibility, the next step is checking “two-way” compatibility.

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