4 Tips For Overcoming Adversity | Brian Tracy

4 Tips for Overcoming Adversity | Brian Tracy

If you're facing problems in your life, you're not alone. Challenging situations can be hard to deal with, but they are highly valuable. When times are tough, remember over time your character will develop through overcoming adversity. This video will give you the top tips for overcoming adversity. https://bit.ly/2TgUDyB

Finding motivation during difficult times is not easy for most people. Identify your most powerful motivations and harness them to achieve your full potential. Stay motivated no matter what with my free guide. Click the link above to download.

0:00- Introduction
0:19- Challenging circumstances can be highly valuable
0:41- Define the problem clearly
1:34- Determine the worst possible outcome
2:14- Resolve to accept the worst
2:50- Improve the worst-case scenario
3:30- Be successful with these steps
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