Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone | Personal Development | Freddy Fri Motivation

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone | Personal Development | Freddy Fri Motivation

In this video we will talk about how to get out of our comfort zone! So the next time you don't want to do something or you think it's too hard you don't quit but you just keep pushing through with it. My name is Freddy Fri and I am your new motivational speaker.
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This episode is designed to push you to get out of your comfort zone and grind hard to achieve next level success!

Ask yourself are you not entertained or are you not entertained enough? How much time do you waste on video games, movies, or Social Media, in reality you gotta go you gotta dream, so again ask yourself that tough question are you not entertained enough?

When you take that minute to really see how many obstacles may occur or this might happen you put yourself in a state of overwhelm, once you hit that moment we go to our go to whatever that may be, if it's video games, a movie, social media or just talking on the phone its all a distraction.

Another good example is wanting a six pack we all want one, but we all don't want to deal with all the hard work of reaching it, we all do it when life gets to hard we quit or go back to your comfort zone! Growth happens when you reach that point of it being too hard!

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Freddy Fri is an Eric Thomas Certified Speaker, who uses the power of Hip Hop, Poetry, Spoken Word, Speech and Storytelling to empower the masses with tools to
make every day a WINSday!

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