How To Stop Caring What Others Think Of You

How To Stop Caring What Others Think Of You

Are you looking for advice on how to stop caring what people think of you or how to be confident? Our desire to impress others has been distorted by social media. Social media has set wildly photoshopped expectations of who or what we should be. Our lives have been commodified and assigned values through likes, share, or retweets, so we live with the constant pressure of what will they think of me. As a result, our desire for validation and our sensitivity to criticism increased. Granted, our insecurities are also formed due to trauma suffered in early childhood or negligent or abusive parents.

But, what if you could stop caring about what others think? What would happen then? The possibilities are endless, but I am willing to bet that you would feel a lot lighter and happier. So, here are some ways to stop caring about what others think of you.

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