How To Talk About Being HAPPY In SPANISH: Feliz, Alegre, Content…

How to talk about being HAPPY in SPANISH: feliz, alegre, content…

Are you happy right now or are you a happy person in general? Are you happy temporarily or long-term? Learn how to talk about happiness in Spanish! In this video, you'll learn that the words “feliz”, “alegre”, “content”, or “contenta”, which are all levels of happiness in Spanish could change their meaning whether you use them with the verbs SER or ESTAR. It is not the same “soy feliz” and “estoy feliz”, which both in English would be “I am happy”. The first one is what defines your life, you, in a long-term scenario. The second one expresses that at this moment you are happy. Maybe you are happy right now because you are taking time out of your day to learn Spanish and that situation makes you happy. But maybe you love your life and your work, and your routine and your family and that makes you say “soy feliz”. In this video you will learn how to correctly express what you want to say using the three words that express different types of happiness. Watch this video and learn so much more information about these words and some other spanish verbs in only 8 minutes.

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