How To Be Happy Alone? How To Be Happy Single? (The Surprising Truth!)

How To Be Happy Alone? How To Be Happy Single? (The Surprising Truth!)

How To Be Happy Alone | How To Be Happy Single | Advice For Single
You may find this one contradictory, but being happy alone and being happy single is what would attract the best partner into your life. When you are not happy being single, you will let the wrong person into your life. When you are not happy alone, all you crave is companionship. You won’t be rational enough to pick the right companionship for you. As a result, you will pick whoever is available to you. I can’t tell you how many people are in an unhappy relationship but still choose to stay because they fear being alone. The fear is so huge that they are rather unhappy in a relationship with someone than be on their own. In this video, I want to help you be happy alone. Regardless you are a man or a woman, what I will share will help you enjoy and live such a happy life as a single before meeting someone special in the future.

#1: Belief
Believe that you are going to meet a great partner at the right time. Knowing that patience gives you a huge reward. This belief is going to help you tremendously when you start to feel lonely on your own. Later, when you meet the right person for you, you will see that the time you were single was completely worth it. I know it may be hard at first to think so since you have not met the one yet. That is why I ask you to form a belief. Belief or faith is what gives humans so much strength and power. Looking back at our history, who thought we would have electric light and cross continents within hours by airplane. The fathers of those inventions didn’t know how at first. They started first with the belief that they could invent something amazing without knowing how and when they would achieve it. And the same applies to you. You will eventually meet your great partner if you first form a belief that you will meet him or her at the right time when you are ready.

#2: Self-improvement
I would not be with my amazing partner now if I were the same Emily when I met my first boyfriend. I have changed and improved myself so much to be the person I am today and continue to be even better in the future. If you think about it, your amazing partner you are looking for will be attracted to someone who is at least as great as them. If you are skillful at something, you want to hang out with others as competent as you are or even more. You don’t want to go lower than that. This is how things work. When you are at level 8, you want to hang out with people at the same level 8 or higher. It is hard to connect to someone at level 3 or 4. Apply this to romantic relationships. I knew that I wanted to be in a relationship with someone with a great personality and smart. Therefore, I never stopped improving myself and my intellectual. So, find courses, books, seminars to build a better character in you. You will fall in love with the process of being a better version of yourself and being a better partner for your special someone when you two meet later.

#3: Create your best life
I learned that I don’t need to wait for someone to make me happy. Before I met my current partner, I knew that I could create the life and the success that I wanted, and then later, my future partner, who is my current one now, would join and build the best life together with me. Because I was so busy and enjoying creating the life that I wanted to live in, my partner was attracted to me. He said that he liked seeing my happiness and enthusiasm and wanted to get to know me more. Same to you, you don’t need to get into a relationship right now to live a happy life. You can create the life you want to live on your own and have your future partner join you later. When you create such a happy life by yourself, you will actually attract great people to your life. Everyone is drawn to someone who is happy and enjoys their own life. 🙂

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