How To Learn To Be Happy | Victoria Puzach | TEDxKaliningrad

How to learn to be happy | Victoria Puzach | TEDxKaliningrad

If we consider happiness as one of the scientific fields of knowledge, we can learn to be happy. Why this topic is becoming increasingly popular, and the state of satisfaction with life is still out of reach for many people? From my experience Victoria share how to develop habits that contribute to the happiness of every day and in any nation can learn from this, based on examples from the life and work in countries with a high index of happiness.

She was born in Kaliningrad, graduated from Saint Petersburg State University with a degree in applied computer science and international relations. She has five years of experience in international youth organization AIESEC, including spending a year in the national office in Moscow, where she managed the department of professional international exchanges in 20 Russian cities, improving education with the help of young foreign professionals.
In 2014 she was a member of the team People Management ReForum Winning The Hearts.

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