Why You’re An Emotional Sponge And 5 Tips For Better Boundaries

Why you’re an emotional sponge and 5 Tips for Better Boundaries

Do you seem to take on other people’s emotions and then have trouble managing them? In this video I answer a viewer question and discuss two reason you can be an emotional sponge:
1. Having low emotional intelligence
2. Being a people pleaser or wanting to save people

I also discuss 5 ways to stop being an emotional sponge.
1. Increase your self-awareness. You can get help identifying your true emotions with emotions cards that you can download from http://markspsychiatry.com/emotional-sponge
2. Identify the origin of your emotions
3. Learn to manage your emotions so they don’t overwhelm you
4. Establish clear boundaries between yourself and others
5. Understand what’s behind your need to save people

Videos referenced in this video
How to Manage Your Emotions https://youtu.be/puoddnGTAJk
How to Challenge Your Distorted Thoughts https://youtu.be/hT3c4VDTLLo

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