The Rise And Fall Of Satan ~ Dr. Myles Munroe #MylesMunroe

The Rise and Fall of Satan ~ Dr. Myles Munroe #MylesMunroe

The Rise and Fall of Satan ~ Dr. Myles Munroe
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We are dealing with the rise and fall of Satan because he is a very important person in the experience of a human. Whether you are a Christian or not, you have to understand and deal with the devil in our earlier session we talked about the fact that many people don't believe in a devil.

Well, I guess that means the devil has been very successful because one of his major weapons, is to make you not believe in him.

As matter of fact, his number one weapon is ignorant. He is called the prince of ignorance, which is the word in the Hebrew for darkness. And we're going to talk about tonight, the nature and the character of Satan. We're going to talk about how he got his names. We also got a night tonight going to talk about his names, and what they mean. Because his name reveals his character. Our number one adversary, and that is Satan.

Be stomped off in our last session on the point that Jesus is the ultimate acid test. Concerning the reality, and the existence of Satan.

No matter what anyone says about anything. It's important to check what Jesus attitude is toward that thing, because he is the manifestation, and the embodiment of God, and therefore whatever he believes is the truth. There's no doubt in the scriptures concerning Jesus belief that there is a real spirit, and a personality, called Satan, Jesus not only spoke to him. He spoke about him. He even talked and warned us about him, and also commanded us to be careful about his devices, when Jesus said, then come at the wicked one to steal the word. It is He that so them. He is the devil.

Jesus is referring to a person, not some nebulous attitude in john eight verse 34, Jesus words are very clear. He says, You are of your father the devil. He's speaking about a specific person, as a matter of fact, he goes more detail. He says, I'm the last of your father. You will do. You are of your father the devil. He was a murderer he was a murderer from the beginning, a specific person is talking to. And he abode not in the truth. He didn't remain in God.

And therefore, the truth is not in him. That means he does not know the truth of God, when he speaks lies he speaks his own native tongue, for he is a liar and a liar. From the beginning of father of lies. He's introduced actually in Genesis three. As a matter of fact, We meet God, then we meet, Adam. Then we meet, Eve, and then we meet, Satan.

He is that important, that he is introduced in the third chapter of the book of Genesis. In the New Testament. He's introduced in chapter four, And it's actually introduced many meets Jesus in the wilderness of temptation. So he is very important, with regards to our understanding of spirituality. The origin of Satan Where did he come from someone said to me years ago did God create the devil. And that's usually a common question people ask you as a Christian, I mean if God is so good. Why did he make the devil. Well if God is so good. Why did he make you, you're into the.

God is so good but the God created accidents. No, the God created disease, no. As a matter of fact, the Bible is very clear on the quality of everything God created. It is found in Genesis chapter one, verse 14, it says, And God saw that everything was good. And God said this is good, so everything God created is good, everything, including you, you are created good, but something went wrong with God's good. So God didn't create bad good became bad. So don't let anybody put pressure on you saying Well God created the devil. Let's talk about where the devil came from. Now according to Scripture, Satan was originally named Lucifer, the word means, in the Hebrew town. Light bearer or bearer of the light. The light bearer remember the word light is in reference to the knowledge or the truth of God.

So, Satan who we know him as today, used to be Lucifer, or the light bearer. So when you call him Lucifer you're really using the term light bearer, the one who's supposed to carry the truth of God.

But what went wrong it's such a beautiful awesome creature who had such a lofty position in the kingdom of God.

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