How To Be Happier At The Workplace: Connect With Your Colleagues | Marie Schneegans | TEDxEMLYON

How to be happier at the workplace: connect with your colleagues | Marie Schneegans | TEDxEMLYON

How to be happier at the workplace and enhance your creativity: connect with people within your own company
Marie's experience working in the banking sector: stress, burnouts, and little interaction between employees.
For her, the answer lies in connecting people within the company, from different branches and hierarchical levels, to enhance creativity and employee well-being

Marie is a born entrepreneur who loves to create experiences that connect people.
While attending a Bachelor degree simultaneously in Paris and Frankfurt, she also worked in Wealth Management at UBS in Zurich and founded [Freespace] in Paris, an experiment to show what becomes possible when a community shares the gift of a physical space. She is now starting her own company, Never Eat Alone, which is a mobile app to connect employees inside large corporations. She also just started Young Sunshine, a non-profit dedicated to teaching young people to be more conscious and to step out of their comfort zone.

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