Relationship Psychology Part 1: Why You Shouldn't Be "Too Attracted" To Someone

Relationship Psychology Part 1: Why You Shouldn't Be "Too Attracted" to Someone

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We're all familiar with the problems surrounding a lack of attraction in a relationship. But can you be too attracted to someone? So when does that excess attraction negatively impact your relationship — and can you fix it?

Here's relationship psychology education you need on why you shouldn't be “too attracted” to someone.

MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson and clinical psychologist Dr. Seth Meyers discuss…

– Why is being too attracted to someone a bad thing and NOT a sign of a healthy relationship?
– What does being too attracted to someone in a relationship look like?
– Why does someone become too attracted to someone?
– Can a relationship in which someone is too attracted to their boyfriend or girlfriend turn into a long term relationship?

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You'll learn more psychological facts around relationships — and psychological tricks you can use to overcome relationship problems and reach your relationship goals.

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