Investing In Happiness – The Secret To A Better Life…

Investing in Happiness – The secret to a better life…

What if you could be this happy? Everyday… and it was as simple as knowing where to invest?

Despite investing in bigger homes, faster cars and the latest technology, statistics tell us that people have never been more depressed, so we thought we'd spend some time with some of the world's poorest children to see what they could teach us all about smiling.

What we found was that the one thing we all want in life – happiness – was achievable, but not if we don't invest in it. And the best way to invest in our own happiness, we found, was to invest in the happiness of others, because at the end of the day, we only get out of any investment what time, energy and money we put into it.

We spent three days following the incredibly inspiring 42nd African Children's Choir as they shared their stories and smiles with both us, and all those they came in contact with.

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Thanks and happy investing!!! 🙂

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