Ep. 310 | Self-Doubt (with Mel Robbins)

Ep. 310 | Self-Doubt (with Mel Robbins)

Joshua and Ryan talk about inner conflict, self-doubt, and self-hatred with author, speaker, and attorney Mel Robbins. Watch “Maximal” episodes of The Minimalists Private Podcast exclusively at Patreon.

Questions answered in this episode:

00:00 How do I rebuild my relationship with myself?

02:59 What is the most important relationship in our life?

08:42 What moment led to the High Five Habit?

15:22 Why do most mantras not work?

16:54 How did you keep from blaming yourselves and beating yourselves up for the failure of your marriages, and how did you restore your confidence in starting new relationships afterward?

19:39 What does a high five represent?

26:06 Can thinking about yourself negatively actually benefit you positively?


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