Think You're "TOO OLD" To Start Something New? Watch This | Mel Robbins

Think you're "TOO OLD" to start something new? Watch this | Mel Robbins

Words I never want to hear from you: “I’m too old.”

You NEED new goals. The goals you had a decade ago are not the ones that are going to motivate you NOW.

The things that were important to me twelve years ago as a 40 year old are not what motivate me now as a 52 year old. Give yourself the incredible gift of taking time, flipping to a blank page, and MAKING NEW GOALS.

So instead of beating yourself up for NOT achieving the goals you made five, ten, or fifteen years ago, try flipping your attitude. Maybe you weren’t SUPPOSED to achieve those goals. Maybe those goals weren’t the ones that are meant for you.

Everything you have experienced in your life has been preparing you for this moment of reinvention. You have this amazing opportunity to look at the future with a whole new lens!

Ask yourself what is it that you want at this moment in your life? Because you’re NOT too told, too young, too late, or too soon.

You can reinvent, rebuild and rethink what you’re going to do next at any moment you choose. Today seems like the perfect day to start doing it 😉

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