Reduce Stress/Anxiety & Improve Concentration With Meditation & Physical Exercise 👍

Reduce Stress/Anxiety & Improve Concentration with Meditation & Physical Exercise 👍

Meditation in Trading. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! Reduce stress and anxiety while boosting your attention levels and concentration on trading. Or rather Mindfulness because I think some synergy between the two. I'm definitely not an expert in meditation, I've dipped in it from time to time but I haven't concentrated on pure meditation. For me meditation is more like jogging, swimming – something where you do the same thing constantly – you're not allowing your mind to go elsewhere. You're focused on one thing like traditional mediation where you control your breathing. Meditation is of course perfect but so is anything that gives you that state of mindfulness; kind of reboot of the mind.
– Patience – Meditation increases your patience dramatically.
– Self-control
– Enhanced gut feel – There is a lot of feel in trading and mediation enhances it and feels less robotic about it.
– Clarity / Less fog – Less fog, less distractions about trading. You also get more clear about your trades.
– Perspective – Meditation bring patience and perspective together.

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Reduce Stress/Anxiety & Improve Concentration with Meditation & Physical Exercise 👍

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