Meditation Technique: How To Be Happy & Stop Suffering

Meditation Technique: How to be Happy & Stop Suffering

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Learn a guided meditation technique to remove suffering and learn how to be happy. Practice this 3-level meditation technique and remove scarcity, sadness and be happy and blissful.


Close your eyes.
Assume that you have taken a shower and come and sitting in front, you know in front of you is a table or whatever, the wall.
Close your eyes and then you see a being which is a replica of you. This being in front you, is a white luminal being of you, a reflection. But he is or she is topsy-turvy.

That the being’s head is on the floor, the feet looking up the sky. Just you go and grab the feet of the being and massage the feet. Literally, you move and massage the feet. The being now gets into your body and merges with you. But still the being’s feet are facing up and they have now settled themselves into your brain.

Now put your hand on the brain and then massage. You are massaging the feet which have now become the brain of your physical body and massage, massage.

Look at your eyes. Focus attention on your eyes and all the thought forms of sadness are getting out through the eyes and going into the sky. The thought forms that bothered you are going into the sky. There is a vast sky, space.
That’s technique number one.

Still stay in that place.
Focus attention on your right eye and then a light comes from the right eye and shoots into your left brain. It fills the left brain and then from the left brain, it comes to the right brain. The whole brain is filled with light.

There are so many things happening as you are doing the techniques. I can give lectures for hours. It’s a waste of time. Billions of synapses are created during this time, billions, if not more.

Your light body, the astral body enters through your nose, through your nostrils.
Breathe in. Breathe him in or breathe her in through your nostril and get into the pituitary gland. This being changes your old memories, old identities, old thought forms – all are gone. Your whole body is filled with light.

You don’t even exist. You don’t exist. The body has become light and merged with the light. No residue is out there.

Om purnam-adah purnam-idam
Purnaat purnam-udachyate
Purnasya purnam-aadaaya

You are full. You are bliss, total bliss. Your sadness has disappeared. Your scarcity has disappeared. You are full of light and joy and bliss.
God Bless.

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