How To Be Radically Resilient During Uncertain Times | Tony Robbins

How To Be Radically Resilient During Uncertain Times | Tony Robbins

We are living in a time of uncertainty – even a time of fear. But there is one thing that is never uncertain, one thing that can erase our fear once and for all: The RESILIENCE of humanity and our in-born power of FAITH. These are the beautiful, innate traits of being human. We are adaptable by our very nature. We find a way. And we always overcome.

Life rarely gets easier. But uncertain times are a gift. They call us to become stronger and more resilient. They challenge us to quiet our minds and recognize the miracle of life within us. They encourage us to dig deeper. To examine our fears and draw on our faith to overcome them. This faith is not necessarily religious, although it can be. It is part of our true nature as humans.

Faith allows us to drive in cars hurtling at 65 miles per hour and get on planes that fly through the sky even faster. It allows us to leave our homes each day believing that we will return. Faith is choosing to be certain in the face of uncertainty. It means knowing at our core that we are more than anything life can throw at us. It means we don’t let the possibility of challenges and pain in the future keep us from living our lives today.

Faith is conviction, and conviction is contagious. Faith can conquer the herd mentality, helping us lift others up instead of bringing them down. It can help us step out of fear and realize: We’re more than our instincts. We have the ability to choose. And we can choose light, love, passion and purpose in everything we do.

Today is your chance to start brand new. Watch the video to hear from Tony on the power of faith to build resilience, then visit the resources below for more. And don’t forget to check out Tony’s powerful Unleash the Power Within event to see these strategies in action.

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