Living Without Resentment | Inspire Series~Wayne Dyer

Living Without Resentment | Inspire Series~Wayne Dyer

Living Without Resentment | #WayneDyer
#Resentment, or anger and indignation experienced as a result of unfair treatment, is a relatively common emotion. Those experiencing resentment may have feelings of annoyance and shame and might often also harbor a desire for revenge. A person may become resentful as a result of a slight injustice or a grave one, perhaps harboring the same bitterness and anger over a small matter as they would over a more serious issue.


Feelings of resentment are not linked to any particular mental condition but instead often result from the inadequate expression of emotions after a painful experience. The occurrence may be a true injustice or an imagined or misunderstood injustice. A careless comment made by a friend could facilitate indignation and grudging feelings, as could criticism from a boss. Resentment can also be broad and applied to large groups of people, often with drastic consequences; for example, racism and religious persecution often develop from deep-seated resentment.

A person experiencing resentment may feel personally victimized but maybe too angry or ashamed to discuss the resulting emotions, instead of allowing the grudge to fester and be expressed in the form of anger.

Though resentment can be fleeting, dissipating when one realizes an event was misinterpreted or receives an apology from the person who committed the offense, it can also be a persistent emotion. An individual may hold on to negative feelings, revisiting the distressing event again and again and becoming unable to let go of anger or a desire for revenge. In this instance, resentment may come to affect an individual’s mental health.

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