Morning Affirmations For Gratitude, Alignment And Motivation

Morning Affirmations for Gratitude, Alignment and Motivation

Creating a morning rituals of gratitude and setting supportive intentions for the day can be one of the most beneficial elements. This track was created to get you energy flowing in the most supportive directions, gently energizing and stirring creativity and motivation.

We send you much love on your journey. XO

In this moment I am full of gratitude.

I breathe in and connect to all the love, abundance and support I may require.

I breath out and release any lingering stress, tension, or confusion.

Everyday is a chance to rewrite my story.

Today I follow the guidance and discernment of my heart and soul.

It is easy for my to assert healthy boundaries.

I choose to tap into the current which aligns me with what I desire.

My day will be full of laughter, compassion, grace, and clarity.

I take many little moments throughout the day to connect with my aligned state.

Today I honor my body, I listen to what it is telling me, and give it what it needs.

Everywhere I go, I bring and share the vibration of love and healing.

I choose to stay in an empowered state, and support others to do the same.

Today I will savor every experience and collect the gifts and lessons from my journey.

In this moment, between each breath, I am connected to all that is.

I choose to actively, consciously, influence my life experience by filling my mind with uplifting thoughts and images, and moving in ways that support my personal path of fulfillment.

Lune INNATE is a teacher of Esoteric Healing Arts, who also creates ASMR healing sessions by proxy. Gre.vo is a creator of electronic music, and videographer. We've talked about doing this project together for years, and even has a few false starts, so to finally see it in motion is extremely exciting for us both.
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