How To Be Truly Happy At Work | Aurélie Litynski | TEDxZurich

How to be truly happy at work | Aurélie Litynski | TEDxZurich

Your happiness is your own responsibility, even at work. A lot of us are trying hard to be happy in our personal life. However, we don't seem to be doing the same in the place where we spend most of our time: at work. We don’t ask ourselves the right questions in order to be happier in the workplace.
In this talk, Aurélie Litynski – Happiness at Work Expert, will inspire you to be the driver of your own professional happiness. She will also share hands-on tools to create a positive workplace culture, because we all need to shift our mindset and find solutions to be happier at work.
Through her company, Happitude at Work, Aurélie supports leaders, employees, SMEs and multinational companies to boost productivity and happiness in the workplace.
Happiness is a skill we can all learn… we just need to know how! Aurélie Litynski, founder of Happitude at Work, has been trained by leading global experts on the topics of positive psychology, positive neuroplasticity and happiness in the workplace. As Chief Happiness Officer, Aurélie draws on her extensive training and active engagement in the field to create workshops, programs and public events that tackle topics such as workplace behavior,
communication, empathy and trust. Her expertise spans a variety of industries and targets SMEs, multinational organizations and corporate leaders while helping them boost happiness in the workplace, which translates to better productivity and performance.
She also offers a series of digital trainings for employees who strive to become happier at work. Aurélie is on a mission: turning frustrations at work into happiness at work! This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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