How To Meditate For Mindfulness – Tripp Lanier

How to Meditate for Mindfulness – Tripp Lanier

Most Men Allow Fear to Get the Best of Them. This Book is Not for Most Men.

How do we meditate for mindfulness and what’s the point of meditation?

How does it help us bounce back from fear and reactivity? And what’s it like to meditate in a room full of farting people?

Today, Tripp Lanier shares some insights gained from 20+ years of meditation plus why he insists that his coaching clients develop a coaching practice.

In this video:
Why bother meditating?
Why your hobby isn’t a meditation
Flow states vs meditative states
Different types of meditation
Developing the “witness” or mindfulness

A basic overview for how to meditate
Meditating in a room full of farting people
The upside to having a consistent meditation practice
How meditation keeps us become better leaders
Become the “chairman of the board” in our minds

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