Your Personal Growth And Recreation + Free Worksheets

Your Personal Growth and Recreation + Free Worksheets

Welcome to part 2 of Create with Clarity. This free 4-week mini course. This self reflection course comes with a free life audit workbook!

Each week I will be releasing new videos that targets 2 of the pillars on the Life Wheel and we will have activity work sheets to fill out. You can go at your own pace or wait for new videos to come out.

Week 1: Create with Clarity + Wheel of Life

Week 1: Personal Growth & Recreation + 6 worksheets
Personal Growth –
Reading List –
Book Plan –
Recreation –
Travel List –
Travel Collage –

Week 2: Health + Body & Environment

Week 3: Relationships & Values + Beliefs

Week 4: Business + Career & Finances

Print these worksheets out to make a workbook in a binder.
More worksheets will be available for you!

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