Let me start with the simplest yet the most difficult question. What is happiness according to you? Can you possibly define happiness? Can it be measured? Can happiness be created or destroyed? Or is it like the classical physics theory of mass, that can neither be created nor destroyed and can only be transformed from one form to another? Is happiness the perspective that a half empty glass is also half full? Or may be happiness is knowing the fact that irrespective of whether the glass is half empty or half full, the water is for real and can definitely quench your thirst?

The more the questions, the more the answers. But at the bottom of it all, is the realization that happiness is something to indulge in. To put it simply, you can either choose to be happy or choose to be sad about a particular situation; and I always choose to be happy. It’s actually far simpler to happy. In fact, The UMA Show is an extension of this outlook of mine as I am always on the hunt of that perspective that has bundles of joy and happiness hidden right within.

It gives me immense pride in knowing the fact that UAE is the only country that has a minister for happiness, Ohood Bint Khalfan Al Roumi, and there is a big focus on keeping people happy. Through my show too I endeavour to send out the same message supporting the cause from the government in this country. Helping me further the cause today is the bestselling author and International Speaker, best known for his books on happiness, Andrew Matthews.
More than half a dozen books, 7 Million copies, in 42 languages, with books for teenagers, books for crisis management and for happiness in hard times. I have no qualms in terming Andrew as the Pied Piper of Happiness. Born and brought up in Australia, Andrew started on his pursuit of happiness in his mid – 20s when he realized that quite a few of his friends were happier than him. When he tried probing into this, he soon realized that people with bigger problems than him were happier than him.

Now that might come as a surprise and may not make sense at the first go, but when I look at so many people that I have interacted with, I realize that Andrew is right to the T. Challenges indeed get the best out of us, and it is challenges that actually introduce us to happiness. Watch the video to understand what happiness is all about.

To put my conversation with Andrew in a nutshell, 5 things one should practice to be happy –

1) Make a decision to be happy
2) Stop blaming other people for what happens in your life
3) Believe in your dreams
4) Surround yourself with positive people
5) And last but not the least, have a sense of gratitude, on a daily basis

Being happy is surely not as difficult as we often make it out to be. In fact, being happy is the simplest thing and doesn’t need any efforts as being happy is actually our default.

I take this opportunity to thank Right Selection Group, UAE ( who made it possible to have Andrew Mathews on my show. Do share and spread your happiness with me and the viewers.

Love and Health,

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