5 Tips to Improve Meditation

5 Tips to Improve Meditation – Find out more:

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Tom's 5 tips to improve your daily meditation practice:

Tip 1 – Find a quiet still room
Tip 2 – Sit in a comfortable chair with a supporting back
Tip 3 – Prepare your space
Tip 4 – Have a transition period into and out of your meditation
Tip 5 – Avoid meditating on a full stomach

Hi, it's Tom Cronin here from The Stillness Project, and welcome back to our Stillness Project channel. Today, I have for you five tips to enhance your meditation experience. The first thing I'd recommend with your meditation experience to get the maximum benefits out of your meditation, particularly if you're starting out, is to find a quiet, nurturing, still room, a space that's enclosed and has very little movement, if no movement at all. When I say movement, I'm talking about people walking past, wind blowing, animals coming in and out. So ideally, the least amount of movement possible, the more conducive it is for you to get into that state of stillness.

Now, these tips that I'm recommending here, these aren't must-haves. These aren't things that we need to get attached to. These are just preferences to enhance your meditation experience. Now, see I like to meditate down at the beach of Bondi a lot of mornings. I like to get down there for the sunrise and meditate by the edge of the sea. But that said, I do know that I'm going to have not as deep a meditation experience by being at the edge of the ocean than I would say in my quiet library, in my meditation room, my butt here at home.

And the reason being, down at the ocean, there's a lot of movement going about, the waves, the crashing, the winds blowing. People are jogging past. Now, that stimulation, that movement in that environment is not going to be as conducive to getting that deep level of meditation than, say, if I'm in a car that's parked in a quiet garage or in a quiet room like this one. So if you can, find a quiet space that's enclosed, that doesn't have too much activity around it. A parked car in a garage is really good. A quiet room, a church, something where there's very little activity is very conducive to having a nice deep meditation.

I recommend having a comfortable chair, one that's padded, a supporting back. I've seen images of people sitting upright in lotus position with their hands out in mudra. This is mudra. If that's your meditation practice, then that's absolutely fine. For me personally, I've for 20 years just found a comfortable chair like this, and I sit upright. We don't lie down. Because if we lie down or if we incline our head and support our head against a wall, there's more inclination for us to fall asleep. When we fall asleep, we go into that unconscious state. It's not as conducive to getting that deep level of rest that we get in our meditation. It's been scientifically proven that certain meditative states are much, much deeper in levels of rest than we get when we're asleep. Surprisingly so, isn't it? But that's just been scientifically proven, that it can be up to four times deeper level of rest in certain levels of mediation where we transcend. So, sitting upright in a really comfortable chair is ideal for me, the most effective way of meditating.


5 Tips to Improve Meditation

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