Retrain Your Brain – Positive Thinking After Narcissistic abuse obsession and depression.

Coming out of narcissistic abuse, you'll be filled with anger, confusion, bitterness and you may even feel depressed. However, you don't need any medication. This type of depression caused from narcissistic abuse isn't a clinical or genetic depression, rather it's learned. Your brain behaves like a muscle, and through out the cycles of abuse it has been learning how to think. Without realizing it you were caught in a cycle of thinking and analyzing every situation whenever abuse occurred. No matter if you reacted defensively, or if you simply walked away, you begin a habit of thinking and replaying the situation. This habit of replaying the narcissistic abuse has followed you long after you have gone no contact and ended the relationship with narcissistic abuse. Now it's time to retrain your brain to regain your joy peace and love. Beyond what you've ever known before.

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