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I’m giving away 1000 copies of LIFE’S GOLDEN TICKET to my YouTubers! I bought it for you, just pay shipping and I'll also give you a new online course I created called “The 4 Gates to Lasting Change.”

If you've ever struggled to change, to let go of the past, to fix a relationship, or wanted to start over again, then you'll love this book.

The book and course will truly inspire you to claim who you really are and design the life you deserve to live. It's a golden ticket to a new experience of life, a fresh start.

For those asking, yes, this paperback edition is different. This new version has a new cover and, for the first time ever, the envelope in the back of the book. If you’ve read the book, you know the envelope and enclosed golden ticket are part of the magic of the story. With this 10th Anniversary Edition, I finally got the publisher to agree to put an actual envelope and set of golden tickets in the back of the book, which reveal what the golden ticket says. It’s magical. Also, the preface and extra pages in the back have all been removed, so it’s all about the story.

Our promotion is also giving the book away right now, so you can get it free, but you just pay $5 for us to ship it to you anywhere in the world – while supplies last. The offer also includes a brand new free course from Brendon called “The Four Gates to Lasting Change” and another bonus video on how I write books and think about the writing process. You’ll love it. Get it today before supplies are gone and the offer ends:

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