Healthy Relationships | 5 Tips To Improve Yours Immediately

Healthy Relationships | 5 Tips to Improve Yours Immediately

Marriage or a relationship with a partner can be repaired and made healthy through these 5 tips. The best advice for improving your relationship is that help can be found quickly within ourselves.
Improve Your Relationship With Yourself.
Self doubt and frustrations within ourselves can be projected on to others. Start healing all the self doubt and self hate. Realise that you are not your past – experiences, failures, mistakes or any other conditioning you grew up with. Learn to forgive yourself and in turn you will start healing your relationship with others and especially your partner.
Stop Looking At Other Attractive People. Looking at other attractive people starts forming energy and breaks the connection we have with those in our relationship.
Be Responsible For Your Reactions. Often healing needs to come from within ourselves even though blame or accusations may seem to be directed at our married ones or partners.
Healing The Relationship. Tough times (just like good times) can accumulate and we see our relationships though a filter that causes resentment and love is lost. Time to go beyond the mind and find the truth.
Make Yourself Happy. Stop trying to make your partner happy and focus on what makes you happy. Focusing on your own happiness is beneficial for us and in turn our relationship or marriage.
Ui represents a transition from who we believe ourselves to be, to realising who we REALLY ARE.


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by Daniel Rechnitzer

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